Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂
 Did you hear about ‘Sachoom (Dance if you are in love)’, Nonverbal Dance Musical of Korea?

In December 2015, I watched it as part of the school field trip, and felt that it was great and exciting performance.

  • Pictures I took in person
  • After watching the performance, I googled it and found the video of ARIRANG TV that was about Sachoom, and was impressed by what the director said, “Sachoom is not about watching dance, it’s about enjoying dance”.

  • Arts Avenue – EP2 Sachoom: https://youtu.be/-qLulihH96o
  • It is not only loved by Koreans but also foreign tourists as well.A lot of foreign tourists visiting Korea watch the performance as well. In addition, they were invited to perform in foreign countries!
  • So I think every spectators can sympathize with dance!
  • At the end of the performance, spectators and actors dance altogether.5.jpg
  • And let me show you some more pictures from website of Sachoom (http://www.sachoom.com/)
  • How about watching the performance when you visit Korea?
    Thank you!