Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂
 On December 2015, I visited N Seoul Tower, where it is regarded as must-go sites in Seoul, with my friends, as part of school field trip 🙂
 Let me show you some photos and explain it!

  • N Seoul Tower is broadcast tower with observation platform, which is in Namsan Mt.
  • If you want to get there, you should hop on Namsan circular bus or ride cable car. We chose to hop on Namsan circular bus to save money 🙂
  • When we arrived in front of the N Seoul Tower, we took pictures of Beacon Fire Station, but I’m not sure where the photo was gone TT So I’ll just upload picture from Naver pedia (http://terms.naver.com/entry.nhn?docId=2057127&cid=42840&categoryId=42848)2
  • And we took pictures of N Seoul Tower.
  • You can look down view of Seoul at the observation platform, but we didn’t have enough money to pay for admission fee, so we couldn’t enter the tower TT
  • But I recommend you that you should look down view of Seoul, which is much beautiful at night!
  •  I hope you visit there if you are going to travel Seoul! Thank you 🙂