Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂
Recently (January 12, 2017), I did volunteer work at National Museum of Korea, where it is located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.
I monitored exhibition interpretation and maintained order in the exhibition hall.

  • First, 50 volunteers including me gathered to education room and listened to explanation on the museum and what we have to do. We also selected the exhibition hall to volunteer at.
  • I wondered what ‘monitoring exhibition interpretation’ is and found out that it was to listen to the explanation of museum commentator and fill out the worksheet on artifacts.
  • And maintaining order in the exhibition hall was literally to maintain order.
  • I selected to volunteer at <Baekje Historic Areas of World Heritage> exhibition, which was held in January 2017.
  • When I arrived at the exhibition hall, I had some time, so I looked around the exhibition.
  • History of Baekje & Baekje historic areas

  • And at the end of the exhibition, there were gold crown ornaments of king and gold diadem ornaments of queen. Ornament of queen was more glamorous than that of king.
  •  It reminds me of bookmark I bought while I traveled Gongju/Buyeo when I was a child.^^

  • There was a replica of Royal Tomb of King Muryeong 🙂

  •  I filled out the worksheet on artifacts of the exhibition.13
  •  Then, I maintained order of exhibition hall. The security staff told me to keep children from stepping on the replica of Royal Tomb of King Muryeong, but there weren’t many who step on it, so I had almost nothing to do and was bored.
  • Besides, I was a bit irritated since I had to continue to stand up. But it will remain as good experience of doing volunteer work at the museum, though!