Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂
 Today, I’m going to tell you story of travel to Suwon!
 Last time, I introduced Suwon Hwaseong Hanggung (Temporary Palace), and today, I will tell you about Jonggak and Suwon Chicken Street^^

  • After looking around Hwaseong Hanggung (Temporary Palace), we crossed the street, passing by Hanggung Square. And there was Jonggak 🙂
  •  Ground of Haenggung Square2.jpg

 Suwon Jonggak

  • Suwon Jonggak
  • Originally Jonggak was built when king Jeongjo (the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty) reigned the country. During the Japanese colonial era, however, it was lost. In 2008. it was reconstructed!6.jpg

 Suwon Chicken Street

  • After visiting Suwon Hwaseong Museum, we got hungry, so we had chicken in Suwon ChIcken street, near the Hwaseong Temporary Palace. I’ll tell you about Hwaseong Museum next time 😀
  • We had chicken at Yongseong Tongdak (Yongseong Chicken).7
  • Map of Suwon Chicken Street8
     Price of fried chicken there was cheaper than any franchise chicken restaurant 🙂
     And it tasted good as well!

     I’ll come back with third episode of travel to Suwon! Thank you!!