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 Today, I’m going to introduce Suwon Hwaseong Museum with pictures of exhibition!

  • Looking at Suwon Hwaseong Museum before getting across the street

     Outdoor Exhibition

  • Seonjeongbi was built to pay a tribute to charitable deeds of local government officials.

  • Yoohyeonggeo was designed by Jeong Yak-yong, one of the Silhakja during the Joseon Dynasty, scholar of the Realist School of Confucianism.

  • Nokro was used to lift up rocks.
  • There was postbox shaped like Beacon Fire Station in front of the museum. It looked gorgeous, so I took a picture.12

1st Floor Exhibition

  • Start point of the museum13
  • A Bird’s Eye View of Hwaseong Fortress. It was great to learn about various facilities of the fortress.
  • On the first floor of the museum, there was exhibition about Joseon Gyeonggukjeon, the first law books of Joseon Dynasty.

    Joseon Gyeonggukjeon & Gyeonggukdaejeon (Both of them are law books of Joseon Dynasty)

    2nd Floor Exhibition

    Procession to Suwon of King Jeongjo in 1975


    Hwaseong Construction Gallery

    Hwaseong Construction Gallery exhibits about how King Jeongjo built Hwaseong Fortress with technology at that time and how Suwon was developed through agriculture and commerce.21

     Annals of King Jeongjo, 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty22
    Planning Construction of Hwaseong Fortress23
 Books written by Jeong Yak-yong, Silhakja (scholar of the Realist School of Confucianism)

Jeong Yak-yong/Systematic Governmental Management for building Hwaseong Fortress

The Construction Records of Hwaseong Fortress

Hwaseong Temporary Palace- For details, please refer to Ep 1 of Travel to Suwon!

 Markets took place during the latter part of Joseon Dynasty/Si-jeon (Market)

Hwaseong Culture Gallery

  • Hwaseong Culture Gallery exhibits about procession to Suwon of King Jeongjo in 1795 and Hyegyeonggung Hong’s 60th birthday party.37
  • Procession to Suwon of King Jeongjo in 1795


  • Jinhyul (almsgiving for people who get to be poor when it was year of famine) at Sinpungru of Hwaseong Temporary Palace.40
  • Hyegyeonggung Hong’s 60th birthday party took place in Hwaseong Temporary Palace.
  • Miniature of her 60th birthday party held at Bongsudang, Hwaseong Temporary Palace


  • King Jeongjo established Jang-yong-young, special forces.
  • Military Reform of King Jeongjo1.jpg
  • Photos of Hwaseong (They were taken about 100 years ago)2.jpg
  • Suwon City is trying to realize uncompleted dream of King Jeongjo.3.jpg
  • Next time, let me show you pictures of Hwaseong Fortress!
  • See you next time 🙂