Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂

 Before starting docent acrivities for Exhibition about East Sea hosted by VANK and Yonhap News Agency, I wrote script for explanation.

 Although I instanatly explained contents of the exhibition regardless of the script, I’ll upload the whole script!  

* Korean Version: http://blog.naver.com/andybae2000/220945329611


Hello. My name is Bae Gyu-dong and I’m member of VANK, Voluntary Agency Network of Korea. I’m docent of the Exhibition to highlight East Sea nomenclature hosted by VANK and Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s key news agency. So pleased to meet you!

Things to ask you in advance

Before starting the exhibition interpretation, I have two things to ask you.

First, if you have any questions about the contents of the exhibition, feel free to ask me at any time during the explanation.

Second, since my English pronunciation is not good, so I’ll say sorry in advance.

What’s VANK?

VANK is Cyber Diplomatic Organization that is trying to introduce Korea to foreigners and solve history issues and global issues. Currently, not only VANK does try to correct wrong information and distortion about Korea on foreign books and medias but also give out maps that East Sea and Dokdo was correctly written.

Besides, they give out postcards with pictures of things like tourist attractions of Korea and steadily upload videos that aims at promoting Korea on Youtube.

They select, educate and appoint Diplomacy Ambassador on various fields such as history issues, global issues, Korean culture, tourism and history.

Section 1. Intro

– Recover East Sea Disappeared from World Map!

East Sea, the sea between Korea and Japan, is so meaningful to Koreans that even National anthem of Republic of Korea starts with the word ‘East Sea’. Unfortunately, on lots of foreign books, maps and websites, we can’t find the name of ‘East Sea’.

Let me simply explain the reason, because you can learn details on Section 5. The name of sea between Korea and Japan has been called ‘East Sea’, not only on old documents and maps of Korea such as The Chronicles of Three Kingdom, Epitaph on the Monument for King Gwanggaeto of Goguryeo, Eight State Map of Joseon Dynasty but also on foreign maps like maps made by Marco Polo.

However, in 1929, International Hydrographic Organization, IHO, published 1st edition of ‘Limits of Oceans and Seas’ and Korea was under Japanese colonial ruling at that time, so Japanese Empire reflected ‘Sea of Japan’ and we were deprived of the opportunity to reflect name of East Sea.

But recently, thanks to VANK members and lots of Korean people, rate of use of the name ‘East Sea’, which was only 3% in 1999, has dramatically increased into 28% in 2009.

We are the ambassador of East Sea, who will make East Sea reflected and change the future of Korea and global village!

Section 2. Correcting Wrong Information

– Recovering name of East Sea

VANK members including me are sending letter of protest to admins of websites or publishers on which have error or distortion about Korea. Although many of them weren’t changed yet, we’ve changed lots of them so far. For example, a lot of companies and organizations such as National Geographic, world’s best geographical magazine, Lonely Planet, world’s best publisher on travel guides, Dorling Kindersley and BJUP, textbook publisher, and PBS, public broadcasting station of the United States had added ‘East Sea’ on their map.

When I heard that numerous organizations and companies all over the world had added ‘East Sea’ on their map, it was most impressing to me that World Atlas mentioned ‘In the end, the national pride of the Korean people is the clear winner.’ on their website. That’s because it made me think we Koreans would be able to completely recover the name of ‘East Sea’. if we keep trying to reflect ‘East Sea’ on foreign maps with patriotism.

Section 3. Promoting East Sea

– Put World map with name of East Sea on classroom all over the world

To widely introduce East Sea and Korea, VANK members are putting the maps that wrote ‘East Sea’ correctly on places like classrooms all over the world. Here’s how some of the members utilized the maps.

Section 4. Toward 100% East Sea

– We are the East Sea PR Ambassador!

As I told you, in 1929, IHO published 1st edition of ‘Limits of Oceans and Seas’ and Korea was under Japanese colonial ruling at that time, so Japanese Empire reflected ‘Sea of Japan’ and we were deprived of the opportunity to reflect name of East Sea. Although the General Assembly was held in 1937 and 1953, Korea couldn’t participate in the General Assembly due to Japanese colonial ruling and Korean War.

After Korea became the member state of IHO, Korean government is constantly urging IHO to publish 4th edition of ”Limits of Oceans and Seas’.

In this April, the General Assembly of IHO is going to be held in Monaco, so I hope they publish 4th edition of ‘Limits of Oceans and Seas’ and reflect the name ‘East Sea’.

And I also want to tell you about how we persuade managers of foreign publishers and websites.

When we send letter of protest to them, e’ve mentioned that the name of East Sea have lasted for 2000 years, which is much longer than that of ‘Sea of Japan’.

We also say that 70 millions of Koreans are using the name ‘East Sea’ and IHO And United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names found their principle writing the name used by each of the countries if there is no single agreed name of Sea or Oceans that are shared by many countries.

And we write that since ‘Sea of Japan’ is product of Japanese Empire, changing ‘Sea of Japan’ into ‘East Sea’ is to clean up the vestiges of Japanese imperialism.

Lastly, East Sea is part of Koreans’ life and even lots of famous publishers around the world support ‘East Sea’.

Here’s example form of letter of protest.

And VANK is running several websites to give out promotion materials on Korea to those who goes abroad, to help correct wrong informations on Korea, to widely introduce our activities.

You can also become ‘East Sea Ambassador’, who are trying to recover the name of ‘East Sea’, which was disappeared from world map!

Section 5. Intro to Yonhap News Agency

Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s News Hub, not only inform news to people but also inform news inside Korea to news agency all over the world.

Section 6. Event Zone

– Recover East Sea Disappeared from World Map!

We’ve already reached last section of the exhibition. Last section is event zone, where you can learn how East Sea is called in many different languages through rotating roulette, If the roulette written East Sea appears, staffs of VANK will give you Korea map or World map. For your safety. please do not rotate them too strongly. Also, you’ll have to refrain from pushing the wall.

And, I hope you think about why East Sea is so meaningful to us. I think the sentence that greatly represents it is ‘Look at the sun rising on the East Sea. Don’t you think we have to cherish it?’, which is from lyrics of Korean song ‘My Country and People‘ sung by Song Chang-sik. Spreading the name ‘East Sea’ is not just a issue about the name of the sea, but to clean up the vestiges of Japanese imperialism.

I hope all of the maps, textbooks and websites all over the world include East Sea. Thank you for listening!