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On February 26, the last day of the exhibition about East Sea hosted by VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, Cyber Diplomatic Organization) and Yonhap News Agency, I was a daily docent for the exhibition!

Let me tell you impression after serving as a docent for the exhibition.

  • Before starting the docent acrivities, I was arrived at the ‘Museum Nadeulgil’, which connects Ichon Stn to National Museum of Korea. At 10 A.M, a worker of VANK told us some information on activities and explained the contents of the exhibition so that we could double-check them.
  • Group picture taken Before starting the activities in earnest1.jpg
  • We wrote determination for the activities, before starting the activities in earnest. (Mine is yellow one)1.jpg
  • And we started working as a docent¬†in earnest around 11.
  • At first at the¬†information desk, I constantly¬†shouted that ‘VANK and Yonhap News Agency is hosting the exhibition about East Sea. If you view the exhibition and participate in the roulette event, you can get Korea map or world map for free’ in both Korean and English to inform the fact that the exhibition is being hold and make them participate.
  • And after having lunch around 11:40,¬†I started to be in charge of roulette event.
  • Roulette Event Zone, last section of the exhibition. Those who shot the part with ‘East Sea’ nomenclature could get Korea map or World map for free!2
  • With Bokyung Kim (Worker at VANK)2.jpg
  • (C) Lee Minsu3
  • Explaining how to participate in roulette event to visitors!
  • After I rotated with another docent, I explained contents of the exhibition to visitors. Although I prepared for the exhibition, I stammered bad. However, I felt responsible for explaining as I saw people getting more interested in East Sea after listening to my explanation. I was happy and delightful to do it, too.
  • And, I also¬†talked to lots of¬†foreigners passing by and explained¬†the contents of the exhibition to those who wanted to listen.
  • It was rewarding and delighting to see lots of them get interested in East Sea and write message of support on¬†Post-it, although they weren’t Korean.
  • One of them were Japanese who came to Korea for a business trip and he could¬†speak English quite well, so I¬†explained the¬†contents in English.
  • As you may know, East Sea is one of the¬†quite sensitive issues between Korea and Japan. So if I were Japanese and heard someone claiming that¬†nomenclating both ‘East Sea’ and ‘Sea of Japan’ is right, I would just leave there. However, he carefully listened to me, gave me questions about what he wanted to know further, and even took selfie with us!
  • And we asked them to write how¬†relationship between¬†Korea and Japan should be¬†on Post-it, he said he should think about what to write and actually came again to write it. So I asked him what¬†he wrote, he showed me it. As far¬†as I¬†remember,¬†he wrote¬†that Korea and Japan should¬†be interested in each other’s history and inspire each other.
  • Although I’m not sure whether he agreed on¬†our viewpoint about East Sea, I was suprised¬†at the fact that¬†he listened to me carefully and sympathize with my words.
  • Other than him, I could meet¬†various foreigners such as who are teaching English in¬†Korea and who¬†are from Califonia, the United States to travel Korea and¬†introduce East Sea to them!
  • I was explaining why we lost the name ‘East Sea’ to person from Califonia, the United States (Credit of the picture below: Eunyul (http://blog.naver.com/yutr2636)


  • I explained the contents of the exhibition to Brithish man¬†serving as English¬†teacher in Korea and a woman who came with him! (C) Lee Minsu
  • Although I can speak English, it used to be difficult for me to instantly speak long, complex sentences, so I wrote English script and tried to memorize them. However, I couldn’t completely memorize them, so I instantly explained, and it was quite rewarding, too.
  • Judging from¬†both Koreans and foreigners¬†carefully listened to¬†us and sympathize with our words, I’m convinced that East Sea nomenclature will be officially admitted in the international society at General Assembly of IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) that will be hold this April and¬†we will regain the name East Sea on the world map,¬†if we explain¬†East Sea to Koreans and foreigners one by one.
  • And I wish I¬†could participate in the exhibition as a docent¬†again!
  • I appreciate VANK workers for giving me this great¬†opportunity, and docents who¬†worked with me that day!
  • Solo picture of me (C) Lee Minsu10
  • Group picture with docents who¬†worked with me that day!11.jpg
  • Picture below was also taken by Eunyul (http://blog.naver.com/yutr2636).4.jpg
  • After serving as a docent, my father took pictures for me at the photo zone!
  • When my family came to exhibition while I was serving as a docent, my parents took pictures for me and my younger brother at the roulette event zone!
  • ¬†All of us are representative of Republic of Korea!
  • We are East Sea PR Ambassadors!
  • Sections about how we have been promoting East Sea

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