Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂

Today, March 1 2017 is 98th Samiljeol, Independence Movement Day of Korea!


Let me tell you about background, process, significance and influence of Independence Movement in 1919!

  • In 1918,Wilson (Former President of the United States), announced National Selfdetermination and it was reported to Korea, where it was colony of Japanese Empire at that time.
  • And on February 8, 1919, Korean students who were studying in Japan had demonstrated for Korea’s independence in Tokyo, and the news was reported to Korea and Koreans promised to demonstrate for Korea’s independence at Topgol Park, Jongno, Seoul on March 1, 1919, with 33 Korean leaders as the central figure.
  • By the way, why was it March 1? That’s because King Gojong’s funeral was March 3, so they expected that lots of people will be arrive in Seoul by March 1.
  • However, when numerous people gathered in Topgol Park on March 1, 33 Korean Leaders were afraid if the things got serious, so only 27 people among the leaders gathered to Taehwagwan, Chinese Restaurant, read the Declarartion of Independence themselves, report themselves to the police, and got arrested.
  • Meanwhile, at Topgol Park, students read the Declarartion of Independence and demonstrated. The movement spread to the whole  country in what seemed like no time at all and it lasted for many months.
  • It also took place in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, where I live, and I’ve been to the Hwangeojangteo March First Independence Movement Memorial Hall when I was elementary school to do my vacation homework about my region.
  • Japanese Empire victimized those who participated in Independence Movement in 1919, which was demilitarized, peaceful demonstration, but the movement has significance of representing our will to get independent from Japan.
  • After the movement, Japanese Empire started craftily cultural ruling, instead of forced ruling. And the movement triggered to found provisional government of Republic of Korea and actively do independence movement in overseas. 
  • It even influenced to 5.4 Movement in China and non-violent protest of Gandhi of India.
  • Let’s remember spirits of the movement!