Hello! This is Wonderful Korea 🙂

Last October, ‘Monument to Comfort Women’ was finally built in Incheon, thanks to lots of civic organizations.

One of the humanities clubs at our school, ‘Open Mind’, whose members include me, also helped them build it, by participating in campaign for signature-seeking and raising funds and walkathon.

On September 24. 2016, I participated in walkathon for building monument to ‘Comfort Women’ in Incheon, with friends, superiors and teacher of the club.

We headed to Incheon Stn (end of the Metropolitan Subway Line 1).

  • Incheon Stn


  • When we get to in front of Incheon Stn, we could see sculpture written ‘First Railroad Stn in Korea’. It said about Gyeonginseon, which was built by Japanese Empire in 1899 (rhe late period of Joseon Dynasty).
  • Listening to explanation of teacher in charge of our club, who were History teacher, I thought that time took to go back and forth from Incheon to Seoul. On the other hand, however, Japanese Empire must have been plundered much more things and rice from Korea than they did before the train was opened to traffic.89342637-3f34-40d0-b200-19130b5ed741.jpg
  • There were entrance to China Town in front of the station.untitled.png
  • And, we could see ‘Paradise Hotel’, and my teacher said that The Treaty of Peace, Commerce and Navigation between Korea and the US was concluded in 1882 around the hotel.
  • Zoomed-In Shotuntitled.png
  • We moved to Wolmi Park, where  walkathon was held, by bus, which took 2~3 stops.While waiting for bus, we saw Incheon City Tour Bus. Although I live in Incheon, but the bus doesn’t pass through my town, so I think I saw it for the first time 🙂


  • Entrance of Wolmi Park2.png
  • Banner about the walkathon3.png
  • I registered to participate in the event and bought bracelet and headband made by Marymond, the company that supports ‘Comfort Women’ victims.
  • And we listened to greetings from workers at NGOs that held the event and followed the trail of the park. Time just flied by talking to each other.
  • After coming back to place the event had started, there were Prize Lottery, but it was sorry that none of members of our club could get the prize.7
  • I bought key ring shaped like butterfly made of wood. I bought one without rough sketch and letter to write them in person.8.png
  • We moved to China Town and had Jajangmyeon, black-bean-sauce noodles. It tasted gteat!9
  • It was great opportunity for me to promise myself again that I’ll remember ‘Comfort Women (Military Sexual Slaves by Japan)’ forever. And I was glad that it went a little way to solve this issues.
  • From now on, I’ll be more interested in History issues and try harder to solve them!